Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS)

Steam and Water Analysis System

The Steam/Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) is designed to conform to the most recent modern technology and has been continuously improved to always ensure the safety of your water steam analysis, as well as to protect your power plant from corrosion and scaling, suitable for power plant chemistry.

SWAS is designed for continuous monitoring and control of water and steam purity in the boiler plant cycle and at other critical analysis points. The SWAS sampling system shall collect samples from adequately conditioned steam and water pipelines that flow through water analysers for continuous analysis and provide a parallel facility for grab sampling.

The analyzer output signals will be used for continuous monitoring of parameters such as pH, Specific Conductivity, Cation Conductivity, Degassed Conductivity, Sodium, Silica, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphate, Chlorides, TOC, and so on.

IEP has designed cutting-edge SWAS systems for modern power plants, complete with dependable components and measuring instruments, simple maintenance, and a low total cost of ownership. Our solutions are based on modern sampling skid design and are suitable for outdoor use in an industrial environment as well as for Zone 1 or Zone 2 explosion-proof areas.