Effluent / Wastewater Treatment Analyzer System


Controlling disinfection, descaling, managing blowdown in a cooling tower, or treating boiler feedwater all require monitoring and control when dealing with industrial water treatment. That is why it is critical to have the proper tools for measuring and controlling with high-quality industrial water sensors.

Many controller suppliers offer a variety of controllers from which the user must select the best fit for their solution. IEP takes a different approach, designing a custom controller to do exactly what a water treatment system requires from a variety of options.

IEP will build the controller for you using any of the measurements below and a variety of specialist control options based on the controller. Not only that, but IEP also offers an Internet of Things-enabled remote access solution that sends real-time SMS alarms and emails.

IEP offers solutions for measuring all disinfectants and combining them with more common measurements such as conductivity and pH. Additionally, our controller has been designed to accept a variety of sensors including fluorescence and corrosion using an LPR corrosion sensor.