Customised Solutions System


Customised Solutions

Customize your process with a variety of dependable analytical systems for liquid and process gas applications and save money with full-service integration capabilities. Our portfolio includes custom-engineered solutions and standardized application packages that have been proven in projects all over the world. IEP has been developing and implementing customized analytical solutions for over 40 years.

Access a comprehensive line of different customized analyzers for integration into larger systems. These systems are supported by over 40 years of analytical expertise gained from thousands of process installations in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, water and wastewater, and power.

  • Analysers Panels, Rack & Sample handling System.
  • Data Acquisition & SCADA System.
  • Revamping and Automation Solution.
  • Hazardous Area Shelter with HVAC
  • Customised Air conditioned Cabinets/ Shelters  & Purge Cabinets.
  • Porta Cabins for Safe Area Systems.
  • Effluent Treatment / RO plants.


Analysers Panels, Rack & Sample
handling System

IEP is a dependable partner with a global reputation for high-quality products and execution excellence in process analytics. We provide complete analytical solution packages as well as continuous emission monitoring systems to global end-users and EPC contractors in refineries, petrochemical, and power plants (CEMS).

When specific process conditions necessitate a non-standard solution, we provide new analytical sample system solutions. The IEP team of specialists will discuss modified or new techniques or solutions needed to meet your process objectives.

Providing all relevant information about your process (for example, counting molecules) will have a direct impact on your plant’s overall performance. Our in-house analytical expertise can assist you in designing customized solutions and thus meeting your operational goals.

Data Acquisition & SCADA System

IEP is a global enterprise leader in the evolution of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to advanced automation and information visualisation solutions. Our SCADA applications combine high performance, high availability, broad scalability, and platform independence to maximize ROI while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across the entire system lifecycle.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a type of software application used to control industrial processes by gathering data in real time from remote locations and controlling equipment and conditions. SCADA gives organizations the tools they need to make and implement data-driven decisions about their industrial processes.

It is one of the most widely used types of industrial control systems, can manage almost any type of industrial process. SCADA systems are made up of both hardware and software components. The hardware collects and feeds data into field controller systems, which forward the data to other systems, which process and present it to a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) in real time.

We tailor upgrades to your specific needs based on our extensive experience in turn-key automation and control solutions as well as stand-alone drives and motors. When we perform an upgrade project, we aim to minimise downtime while increasing production and maintainability.


Revamping and Automation Solution

When a change affects the entire plant, our engineers work with the customer to develop a technical proposal that minimises downtime and production costs. A detailed step-by-step project plan is developed, taking into account scheduled shutdowns, short maintenance stops, plant safety requirements, and operational constraints.

Whether you need to renovate or expand an existing facility, or you need to comply with new power quality regulations, our highly qualified team of engineers has the expertise to deliver the best tailored solutions to improve the performance of your installed system. We define possible solutions after a careful assessment, which may include a measuring campaign and a detailed report on the problem. IEP provides timely response while providing appropriate equipment and experienced technicians that reduce machine downtime while improving efficiency and power rating by introducing solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

Hazardous Area Shelter with HVAC

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system offers a complete climate-control and personnel-safety solution for walk-in style process-analytical instrumentation shelters. It is adaptable and customizable to a wide range of applications, and it can be supplied fully integrated within the shelter or as an external standalone unit. Specifically designed for hazardous-area applications up to Zone 1, the system provides a steady flow of conditioned and filtered clean air to the shelter, keeping it slightly above atmospheric pressure to prevent dust or gas ingress. It is particularly well suited for use in plants that operate in extremely hot or cold climates, or where atmospheric contaminants pose safety, health, or corrosion concerns with conventional through-flow air-conditioning systems. IEP provides high-end HAVAC systems that fulfills your requirements.

Customised Air Conditioned Cabinets/ Shelters & Purge Cabinets

Air-conditioned cabinets are intended to keep components inside an electrical enclosure at safe temperatures while maintaining optimal performance. The machine operates within a temperature range specified by the manufacturer. Whereas a purge panel is a solution for installing safe area electrical/ electronic devices in hazardous areas with flammable gases, conductive dust, corrosive gases, or a combination of these.

Positive pressure is maintained inside these pressurized cabinets/enclosures to prevent outside gases from entering the enclosure. This protects the internal devices from hostile and hazardous gases/vapours in the atmosphere. Purge Panels are supplied with instrument quality air at sufficient flow and pressure to ensure pressure build up inside the Panel. IEP provides completely customized air-conditioned cabinets/ shelter & purge cabinets.

Porta Cabins for Safe area Systems

Porta cabins are smaller versions of portable buildings. Portable cabins are prefabricated buildings that are custom-built for specific applications such as security cabins, storage containers, portable toilets, site offices, and so on. Porta cabins are a cost-effective alternative to traditional structures, as well as a versatile solution when temporary housing is required.

Portable cabins are quick to manufacture and simple to deliver, ranging from formal office accommodation to open eating and relaxation zones, toilet and shower offices, and site security units. Porta cabins are the best option for accommodation because of their high quality, ease of installation, durability, and long service life.

These portable buildings are the best fit for the onsite requirements. Movable porta cabins are the ideal solution for periodic use of buildings in different locations, and with their simple installation and long-lasting structure, they provide unrivalled dependability. IEP delivers portacabins with the help of a panel of expert architects, structural engineers, interior designers, and current users.

Porta-Cabins - customized solutions system

Effluent Treatment / RO Plants


Effluent Treatment/ RO System works by removing impurities from contaminated water. This is accomplished by forcing the contaminated solution through membranes under pressure. Water can be reused in production after it has been treated or it can be disposed of safely after it has been treated. Traditional water treatment methods necessitate the use of chemicals, which poses multiple risks. Keeping chemicals on-site, transporting them, and having someone manage them are all risks to one’s health and safety.

It is also better for the environment if wastewater is treated on-site rather than collecting it by truck on a regular basis. Modern membrane technologies used in RO do not use chemicals and instead rely on electricity and high-pressure water. RO plants are also low maintenance because they are self-cleaning, self-contained units. The wastewater they treat can be safely disposed of or reused and recycled back into the manufacturing process. This is a huge advantage because it saves storage space and money.