Customised Air Conditioned Cabinets/ Shelters & Purge Cabinets


Air-conditioned cabinets are intended to keep components inside an electrical enclosure at safe temperatures while maintaining optimal performance. The machine operates within a temperature range specified by the manufacturer. Whereas a purge panel is a solution for installing safe area electrical/ electronic devices in hazardous areas with flammable gases, conductive dust, corrosive gases, or a combination of these.

Positive pressure is maintained inside these pressurized cabinets/enclosures to prevent outside gases from entering the enclosure. This protects the internal devices from hostile and hazardous gases/vapours in the atmosphere. Purge Panels are supplied with instrument quality air at sufficient flow and pressure to ensure pressure build up inside the Panel. IEP provides completely customized air-conditioned cabinets/ shelter & purge cabinets.